Who is responsible for stormwater in Auckland?

The City of Auckland is responsible for stormwater management in most of the Auckland region. Stormwater management is the collective term for the actions needed to reduce and control stormwater runoff from our streets, parks, buildings, and farms. Stormwater runoff poses a threat to our rivers, lakes, streams, and groundwater because pollutants from our streets, such as oil, grease, pesticides, fertilizers, and bacteria, enter the water. Stormwater runoff also causes sewage overflows, which can lead to illness and damage to the environment.


Stormwater management is the responsibility of the Auckland Council and Auckland ratepayers. Stormwater is water that flows from your property, such as gutters, down drains, rivers and streams, rather than rainwater. Stormwater can contain pollutants and bacteria, which is why it’s important to keep it clean.

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The Auckland Council is responsible for stormwater management and water quality on public and private land within the Auckland Region. For private lands, the property owner is responsible for stormwater management. If you own or manage property within the Auckland region, you can find details on water quality management on the Auckland Council website.


Auckland Council is responsible for stormwater management across the Auckland region. We are working on a Stormwater Management Plan to guide how we will manage stormwater in the future to help reduce flooding.

Property Managers

Stormwater is a natural byproduct of certain types of runoff from your property. The way we manage stormwater is called stormwater management. It’s the responsibility of the property owner to manage stormwater on their property. Stormwater can be managed in two main ways: by controlling runoff before it enters the drainage system, or by treating the water after it enters the drainage system.


Individual property owners are responsible for stormwater drainage on their property. Homeowners can map where their drains are and either pay for stormwater drainage or connect their downspouts to a sewer. However, with over one million properties in Auckland, stormwater management is a huge issue. Wet weather is becoming increasingly common due to climate change and there is more rainfall to deal with. Stormwater management is also a shared responsibility between the property owner and Auckland Council. Council is responsible for providing enough stormwater drainage capacity to prevent water overflowing into the ocean or rivers. Council also has to keep rivers and lakes clean to protect our environment and our health.


Stormwater is created when rainwater runs off impervious surfaces, such as roads, driveways, and roofs, and flows into natural watercourses and lakes. It can also include water runoff from pipes and drains. Stormwater runoff is a major cause of water pollution in rivers, lakes, and the ocean.

Maintenance companies

Stormwater management is the responsibility of regional councils and local authorities. Stormwater management plans are required to be developed by Auckland Council’s Engineering Division, Environmental Health, and the Auckland Water Services (AWS) teams. Stormwater management plans describe how your property and the surrounding area will dispose of stormwater. They also describe how your property and its drainage system will respond to increased stormwater flows.


Stormwater management in Auckland is the responsibility of local councils. Councils are required to manage stormwater by putting in place a comprehensive stormwater management plan. The plan details how councils will manage stormwater on their own properties and in their drainage systems.