What size land can you subdivide Auckland?

If you plan to subdivide your block, you will need to determine the size of your lots. The size of your lots will depend on the area of your block and the area of your lot. The allowable lot size for your property will depend on the zone and the area of your property.

The size of your land parcel will determine the maximum number of lots you can create and the price per lot.

If you’re planning to do a lot of lot subdividing, consider buying a larger property so you can have more options. The size of your land parcel will determine the maximum number of lots you can create and the price per lot.

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Auckland’s building rules and regulations will also impact your lot size.

You will need a minimum lot size of 400 square metres for a standard lot. However, you can apply for an increased lot size based on your specific circumstances. For example, if you plan to build an infill property or have a lot that is difficult to divide, you can apply to increase your lot size by 20% or 50%.

The Auckland Council will determine the minimum lot size required for a piece of land to be subdivided.

If you want to subdivide a piece of land in Auckland you’ll need to determine the required lot size. The minimum lot size required for a piece of land to be subdivided in Auckland is set by the Auckland Council.

The Council will also determine the maximum distance between any two building frontages or building boundaries.

The Council will establish the maximum size of any lot in the Auckland region. This will be a ratio of the area of the lot to the area of each of the lot’s sections. The maximum area of any lot will be determined by the Council and will vary depending on the location of the lot.

The Council will determine the maximum number of building lots a landowner can create from one piece of land.

The Council has published a table of maximum lot sizes for different areas of Auckland. However, it is important to note that the Council does not set the maximum lot size. They set the maximum allowable lot size based on the existing zoning. The zoning for most of Auckland is set out in the Auckland Unitary Plan.

Lots must be created according to the Council’s rules and regulations.

The Council’s subdivision rules for Auckland have been developed to allow for the efficient creation of new residential properties. These rules set out the minimum size of a section, lot or parcel of land that can be created, which is based on the size of the block you purchased.

Lots must be in the correct position.

You can subdivide any size of block of land, so long as it is within the allowable lot size. The most common lot size used in Auckland is one hectare (20 acres). So, if you’re looking to divide up a larger property, you’ll need to check the zoning rules for your local council to make sure they allow for subdivision.


There will inevitably be a limit on the size of subdivisions you can create and on the number of lots you can put in each. The size of standard residential lots varies around the world. In the United States, the average lot size is about 50,000 square feet. That’s about an acre. In New Zealand, you might find a lot size closer to 20,000 square feet. The amount of land you can get from Auckland City Council will likely dictate the size of your property.