What is the concept of subdivision?

The concept of subdivision refers to the creation of new lots from an existing parcel of land. The process of subdividing a parcel involves a lot layout plan and a subdivision map. A lot layout plan is a legal document that outlines the proposed size and location of the lots, while a subdivision map is a parcel-level map that shows the location of the proposed lots and any existing improvements.

There are two types of parcels that can be created using the parcel mapping tool.

A parcel map is a legal description of your property, which outlines the property’s boundaries, corners, lot lines and names. A parcel map can also describe what is inside those boundaries and how much you own. A parcel map is created by a professional engineer and can be submitted to your county’s planning commission for approval.

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One type is called a parcel, and it is the smallest unit of land that can be purchased and legally owned.

A parcel of land can be divided into as many smaller parcels as you like, providing more options for the size and location of your home. A parcel can be divided and resold as multiple smaller pieces or left as one large parcel. This is known as subdivision. If you plan to sell a parcel of land, it should be divided into smaller lots for its resale, so you can get as much money as possible for it.

The other type is called a subdivision and it is a parcel that is created to accommodate multiple properties.

A subdivision is a lot that is created from several smaller parcels of land. This smaller parcel is called a “lot”. A lot is created by a surveyor and is designed to fit a specific plan for the lot. A subdivision is a local government creation that allows more properties to be built within the same area of a city.

The parcel map tool will allow you to create a subdivision and add as many parcels as you need to your property.

A subdivision is a way of dividing a large piece of property into smaller parcels. The subdivision map defines the property lines that will be created. The parcel map will show you the location of proposed roadways and lots.

If you use the parcel tool to create a subdivision, the parcels will be automatically sized so that they conform to local zoning regulations.

A subdivision is any parcel or parcels of land which are created by dividing a larger parcel of land into smaller parcels that are then sold to property owners. A parcel created by the parcel tool will automatically be designed to fit within the appropriate zoning requirements set by the local government.

If you use the parcel tool to create a parcel instead of a subdivision, the parcel will not automatically conform to local zoning regulations.

A subdivision is a section of the property that is carved from one larger lot. The parcel tool can be used to create a new parcel from a larger parcel. When you create a parcel, the parcel will automatically conform to the zoning of the larger parcel it is created from. So, when you create a parcel from a larger parcel, the parcel will not automatically conform to local zoning regulations. However, you can use the parcel editor to change the parcel’s lot layout to meet local zoning requirements.

To create a parcel from a subdivision, you will need to use the parcel tool.

A subdivision refers to the process of dividing a large parcel of land into smaller parcels. A parcel is a single section of a larger tract of land, and the division of a parcel into smaller parcels is called subdividing. A subdivision can be a road lot, commercial parcel, or residential parcel.


In layman’s terms, subdivision refers to the division of a larger lot into smaller lots. When you develop a new residential or commercial property, you can either develop the whole lot as one parcel or you can divide the lot into several smaller lots. This method gives you more control over the layout of your property. As a result, you can customize the lot to fit your needs.