What is rural subdivision?

A rural subdivision is a legal parcel of land that is created from a larger parcel of land. Sometimes, the remaining portion of the larger parcel is held in common. This is known as the common area. The remaining portion is then subdivided and sold to homebuilders or individuals as smaller parcels.

A geographic area that is not part of a city, town or village that is not part of a county or state, and not part of an established neighborhood.

A rural subdivision is a tract of real estate that is not part of a town or city but is within a county or state. These properties are not a part of a neighborhood or planned community. A rural subdivision can be located in a county or in an unincorporated area of a county.

Rural subdivisions are typically identified by a range of addresses, such as RRRCCCetc.

A rural subdivision is defined as any area of the state that has been recently platted and is not within the jurisdiction of a county or municipality. A rural subdivision often includes a few lots and shares a taxing authority with the county.

In the United States and Canada, a rural subdivision may have a minimum of to or more homes.

A rural subdivision is a lot of parcels of land that are located outside the city limits, but within a county. Normally, a mandatory community infrastructure is either provided by the county or the municipality. Typical infrastructure includes roads, water, sewer, and fire protection. A developer can then create a private road and sell lots to individual home-builders or homeowners.

Some areas where rural subdivisions are established have no roads or infrastructure.

A rural subdivision is a description of a portion of the population living outside of an incorporated town, city, or county. It can be legally created by a local planning board or board of supervisors under county law, or by a private developer.

Sometimes a street name is given to a subdivision, and homes are numbered from one to the maximum number allowed.

One of the most common types of home designates is rural. A rural subdivision is a smaller community of homes that have been built in a remote location. In most cases, the rural subdivision is a town or a county, and the area is usually a remote part of the state.

There can be multiple types of rural subdivisions, such as planned communities, rural villages, and condominiums.

A rural subdivision is a development that consists of a group of lots, usually owned by a single entity, which is created by a developer. Once the lots are created, the developer sells them to people who want to build homes.

Residential areas of a city that are not part of a neighborhood but are not part of a neighborhood’s street grid are known as a district or a neighborhood of a city.

A rural subdivision is a residential area created outside of a town or city. The area of a rural subdivision is usually divided into smaller sections that are known as lots, and each lot is individually owned. A rural subdivision is created with the help of a developer, and the development plan will usually include things like roads, water and sewer lines, and landscaping.


A rural subdivision is a community within a municipality, but is not part of the town or city itself. While the roads are all public and deed restrictions are required, the residents aren’t required to pay taxes to the town. These properties are most often privately owned and are zoned for more rural uses than the surrounding properties.