Resource Consent Services


In many jurisdictions, a resource consent is a type of permission that is required for certain types of development or land use activities. These activities may include things like building a new structure, installing a septic system, or changing the use of a piece of land.

Resource consents are typically administered by a local government or other regulatory body and are intended to ensure that development and land use activities are carried out in a way that is environmentally sustainable and consistent with local planning rules and regulations.

Obtaining a resource consent can be a complex process, and it may involve a number of different steps, including submitting an application, paying fees, and providing detailed information about the proposed development or land use activity. In some cases, a resource consent may also require public notification and the opportunity for members of the community to have their say.

The specific requirements for obtaining a resource consent will vary depending on the jurisdiction in which the development or land use activity is proposed, as well as the nature and scale of the activity. It is important to carefully review the relevant regulations and seek guidance from a local government or other regulatory body to ensure that you are fully aware of the requirements for obtaining a resource consent.

Some of the resource consent services that Landev provides:

  • District Plan Analysis & Plan Change Review
  • CBD Commercial & Residential Projects
  • Health & Medical Services Developments
  • Historic Building Restoration & Reuse
  • Resource Consent Lodgement & Management
  • Notified Resource Consent
  • Financial & Development Contribution Review
  • Urban Design Approval & Coordination
  • Mixed Use Projects
  • Rural Subdivision
  • Industrial Redevelopment
  • Signage Consents
  • Building Act Requirements
  • Site Selection

Served areas in Auckland region: