Engineering and Management


Engineering Approval - EPA

Three Waters Design: Stormwater, Wastewater and Water supply  Network extensions.

Flood and Overland Flow Path Assessment

We can analyse the flooding effects and estimate the minimum finished floor levels dwellings need to be at.


Traffic Assessment Report

We can analyse the traffic impacts to support your proposed development. Assessment include by not limited to Road and pedestrians safety, visibility checks, tracking curves…etc

Road Design

Our transport engineers can help produce concept, scheme and detailed designs. 


Infrastructure Assessment

We can check the capacity of existing services to support your proposed development.


Earthworks Design

We will prepare drawings of site levels and calculate earthworks volumes, as well as erosion and sediment control plans.



If you require any drawings for your consent applications, our experienced draftspersons will take care of this for you.

Construction Monitoring

Construction Monitoring as required by Auckland Council/Watercare for works covered under engineering approvals (EPA).


Vesting of Assets

Vesting of assets to obtain Watercare Certificate of Acceptance (COA) & Engineering Approval Completion Certificate (EACC) under Engineering Approvals.


Stormwater Devices

Detention/Retention tank designs due to network capacity insufficiencies & SMAF Zones – Stormwater Management Area Flow 1/2.

Subdivision and Feasibility Assessment

Are you planning to subdivide? Touch base to help assess your property prior to starting.

Surveying Services

looking for a surveyor? We can engage one as part of your resource consent or subdivision process.