Can I subdivide my land NZ?

If you want to subdivide your existing land NZ, you’ll need to request a subdivision plan from your council. If you don’t already have one, you can use this free planning guide for help. You’ll need to submit a copy of your title deed, along with any other relevant documentation, to show the council that you own your property.

Land in New Zealand may be subdivided, but it is a complicated process.

The answer to this question largely depends on whether or not you own freehold or leasehold land. Freehold means you own the underlying land and the buildings on it. Leasehold means you lease the use of the land, and the owner of the freehold (or a company they own) can dictate the terms of your lease. If you own freehold land, you can subdivide your land without the owner’s consent. If you leasehold your property, you must follow the terms laid out in your lease, which could mean that you need the owner’s permission to subdivide.

The process of subdividing is called Partition.

Partitioning of a block of land can be done by the owner or by an agent. The owner can do it themselves or hire an expert to do the job. A professional real estate agent can help the owner to find a suitable buyer for the lots. The process of allocating lots to the buyers is called lotting. The subdivider usually gives a map of the lots to the lot buyers. The buyer has to pay the price of the lot for which he or she is allotted.

Partitioning land involves the creation of lot and block titles.

There is no requirement for the owner of the land to hold an “estate” in order to subdivide it. However, it is advisable. Once you have created lots, you will need to create new title documentation for each lot. Only registered property owners can create new title documentation, so you will need to enter the process of transferring the registered ownership of the property to the new owner.

A Partitioning Order is needed to create the lot and block titles.

Yes, you can. However, you need to be aware that the title to any lot created will only be good for the portion of the property that is within the lot boundary. In other words, the title will not cover the remainder of the property. So, if you want to sell or transfer the property, you will need to have the remaining portion of the property surveyed and create a new lot.

A Partitioning Order is a legal document that transfers the right to the lot or block to its new owners.

To be able to legally divide your lot into pieces, you need to go through a process called subdividing. This process involves creating new lot descriptions and mapping your lot into a new lot layout.

You will need to hire an attorney to help with the process.

You can subdivide your land NZ if you have a registered plan and an NZS-1 subdivision declaration of title. You can submit your application to the local government authority, which will determine if the proposed subdivision is in line with the local development code. You will also need to hire an NZS-1 designer to prepare the plan of subdivision, as well as an engineer to prepare the subdivision declaration of title. You will need to hire a lawyer to help you finalize the process.

The costs will depend on how difficult it is to subdivide your land.

If you live in NZ, you can generally subdivide your land as long as you have a current plan of subdivision and consent. This allows you to divide your property into several smaller lots for future resale. If you want to do this, you’ll need to hire a professional engineer to prepare a subdivision plan.


If you want to sell or lease the lots, you will need to have them registered with the government. This will require you to pay some fees and meet a few other requirements. The government website has more information on how to do that.